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When it comes to gutters, having them emptied and cleaned on a regular basis can save you so much money and heartache. If debris is allowed to build up in gutters, it can cause blockages which could allow water damage to start to affect your home. By having gutters cleared by our professional team, you can save yourself a lot of trouble in the long run and keep your property clean and tidy. We are a window cleaning company with over 14 years experience in the cleaning industry so we provide the best gutter cleaning Medway, Rochester and surrounding areas can offer.

Expert Gutter Clearing and Gutter Cleaning Medway

Having your gutters cleared out might not feature high on your list of home maintenance priorities, but regular upkeep is essential. Gutters are designed to collect and guide rainwater off the roof, down into the drain and away from your home to prevent water damage to your property. When gutters are blocked, rainwater overflows into fascia boards and roof tiles causing rot and damp, which can lead to expensive repairs. Also during colder times of the year if the water is not running free along the gutters it can turn to ice and expand causing cracks in the seals of downpipes and joints.

We use a thorough process to completely empty your gutters to make sure water can flow freely away from your property. Our powerful gutter vacuum can reach up to three stories high to remove dried leaves, moss, other growth and debris.

If you opt to have your gutters cleaned too, we use Pure Water through our water-fed pole system which offers outstanding results, bringing the outside of your gutters and fascias back to a sparkling condition.

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Gutter Clearing and Gutter Cleaning Services FAQs

Gutter Clearing or Clearance is emptying the interior of the gutters of leaves, moss, lichen, debris and other blockage using the gutter vacuum. Gutter Cleaning refers to the use of our pure water reach and wash system on the gutter exteriors — to try and remove stains and make them look like new once again.

Home insurance companies recommend you have gutters cleared every 6 to 12 months. Regular upkeep is essential as clogged or damaged gutters can result in expensive repairs , so although they are out of sight they should never be out of mind!

Yes, our gutter vacuum reaches 3 floors high. This way we can safely reach those awkwardly placed gutters where there is no ladder space, while staying on the ground. You can rest easy that professional gutter cleaners will get any blockage out safely and effectively.

About Hoo, Rochester and Medway

Situated in Kent, Medway is the largest urban area in the south east aside from London. Based on 2021 census, total population is 279,773.

While quite urbanized, there are plenty of green spaces, with 7 Green Flag Award sites and the River Medway being a focal point of business, leisure and residential developments.

There are 5 main towns in Medway: Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham and Strood.

Rochester is known for having the second oldest cathedral in England, the second oldest school in the world, and for being the residence and inspiration of literary giant Charles Dickens.

The Hoo Peninsula, located northeast of Rochester, is a more rural area with small villages such as Chattenden, Cliffe and Cliffe Woods, and a thriving community spirit.

We are pleased and proud to be serving these wonderful local communities around Medway.

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